DAN & SUZIE give an overview here of the SEASONS of LIFE Program


using our proven method "The GROWTH TRIANGLE" which includes interactive CONTENT, dynamic MENTORING and a authentic support COMMUNITY.


We can help you level it up!

You want to unlock the potential growth of  your relationship, believing THERE HAS TO BE MORE. Is it frustrating to see all the other happy couple’s and feel the weight and work of just staying on the same page?

You’ve been struggling since getting married to set up LIFE GIVING RHYTHMS . .  to enjoy a weekly date, to deepen your connection to each other and to God as well as actually understand each other. Instead of being able to focus on your growth, you’re stuck in the day-to-day messages of do more, know more, clean more, hurry up and wait.

We do not have a magic pill or a silver bullet, but we do know that WE (Dan & Suzie Potter) CAN MENTOR YOU towards what has worked for us and hundreds of others couples we have coached and created courses for in the last 36 years. AND we know it will work for you too!


Steven & Katrina


“Dan & Suzie’s courses and coaching have helped us understand ourselves and each other better. As a result we are more understanding of each others needs. It has helped us live with greater intentionality and grow as people and as a couple . . . in short it’s made us a better couple”



"Dan and Suzie not only have YEARS of experience in helping people, but I have never seen anybody do that with such care and passion. They have helped us find the source of some of the issues that we had in our relationship, which helped us really get to the source. Every conversation with them is like talking to a fountain of wisdom but with a couple laughs and aha moments sprinkled in there."



"Dan and Suzie's relationship is one that inspires. The way they intentionally continue to discover how to love one another, and the trust to do the hard conversations well, makes them (in my eyes) 'the' relationship experts.”

Riaan & Elaine

~ South Africa & USA ~

"We learnt how to strategize skills and processes that aren't just for one-time use but for life, marriage, and relationships!"

Rafael & Eunice

~ Brazil & Uruguay ~

"You showed us that despite the differences we can make it work, and that was an inspiration and an example for us. You always taught us the importance of getting to know each other more and more every day."



"Duzie taught us to enjoy the abilities and gifts the Lord gave us and showed us how wonderful it is to live together as a team."



GO from surviving to thriving by understanding and committing to all the SEASONS OF LIFE that are available to you. 

STOP being completely reliant on only what you know from your experience and learn how to SEE, BE, WE and FREE your very special relationship into what it was created to be.

START LEVELING UP to all the possibilities of your deep friendship together with the knowledge and how-tos you need to be a FULLY ALIVE COUPLE.

Are you ready for YOUR BEST LIFE TOGETHER?

LEARN FORWARD into what you dream you can be together, SO YOU CAN CREATE A COUPLE CULTURE YOU LOVE . . . WITHOUT MORE Guilt and HUSTLE!

IMAGINE if at the end of 2023, together you could say:

Our RELATIONSHIP is not dependent on how we think, feel and react at the moment.

Our LIFE TOGETHER is built on our clear life purpose and passions.

Our CONNECTION is STRONG because we have learned to ask the right questions and listen.

Our FAITH has FLOURISHED as it touches all l areas of our lives.

Our  CONFLICTS have become a quest to understand, as well as be understood.

Our INTIMACY has deepened to include laughter, tears, questions, requests & shouts of joy. 

Our COMMUNITY has developed into people of trust, accountability and service.

Our IMPACT on each other and our world is significant.

Are you ready to build your UNSHAKABLE RELATIONSHIP? Then let us tell you about . . .

Our SEASONS OF LIFE Mentoring Program for Couples

The SEASONS OF LIFE Program is a 12-Month COMMITMENT &  INVESTMENT into your marriage.

It is perfect for those couples who don’t want to wait until someday for their BEST RELATIONSHIP, but want to take the proven shortcut to an UNSHAKEABLE RELATIONSHIP. 

In this WHAT, WHY and HOW program, you’ll learn the ins and outs of:

“SEE” - gaining a vision for what your LIFE together could become 

“BE” - living fully alive in your identity as a couple

“WE” - belong to a community where you give and receive

“FREE” - flourishing in the FLOW of peace and transition  

SEASONS of LIFE - Pricing Options

Join this 12-Month Mentoring Program with Dan & Suzie Potter


The key to leveling up your marriage is being ready with the right tools in order to embrace every season together, come what may.

Through the Weekly CONTENT you will build your own “Unshakeable Tool Kit”, including your purpose as a couple, clarity on your individual and collective passions, you will learn what motivates you, as well as, what causes you to get stuck, you will activate your courageous imagination, learn how to ask powerful questions and actively listen and this is just the beginning of the 52 weeks of dynamic interactive input into your life.

There will be Monthly MENTORING where Dan & Suzie together listen carefully to your needs and either teach you something you have requested or allow them to coach you through a challenge or a choice you are facing.  

Finally, every month you will join your cohort "Class of 2023" for an inspirational COUPLE MASTERMIND. Where together with 5 to 8 other couples you will get vulnerable and honest engagement in order to give help as well as be supported.


The SEASONS OF LIFE all takes place through an APP created specifically for the "Class of 2023" to connect, interact, track and encourage each other.

Other couple’s programs might last a weekend and teach you only content from a stage, or give you a session to listen to helpful stories, or a course or membership which 98% of the time it is  left unfinished. 

But the SEASONS OF LIFE PROGRAM gives you everything you need CONTENT, MENTORING, and COMMUNITY to grow your UNSHAKEABLE RELATIONSHIP.  You just need to add your INVESTMENT & COMMITMENT.


includes these 3 parts which make up the GROWTH TRIANGLE

  • Weekly CONTENT to work through in your own time

    Training Videos curated by Dan & Suzie that allow you to build your UNIQUE Tool Kit as a COUPLE

  • Monthly MENTOR/COACHING session with DUZIE

    Monthly Mentoring/ Coaching Connection according to the choice of the COUPLE

  • COUPLE's MASTERMIND Monthly Gathering

    GROW together with 6-10 Couples meeting monthly, facilitated by Dan & Suzie for Sharing & Accountability

If you’re tired of misunderstanding, miscommunication and misalignment in your relationship. Feeling like you are like a hamster running hard and fast on the wheel and are ready to explore your options.

You want to live in love, empowered with the tools to make the best decisions possible for the future growth of your relationship.

You want to work with a coach/mentor who listens well . . . gets you . .  understands how couple’s think. . . . and who is committed to help draw out of you the very very best.

If you feel alone and need to stop isolating and reconnect to other couple’s who are “DOING LIFE TOGETHER.

If your time is really important and you need to see some relationship breakthroughs in 2023.

If you love the idea of community and meeting other like minded couples from around the world.

If you are committed to invest time and money into your best friendship


If you are looking to just get more information without weekly application.

If you’re looking for the magic bullet. Your results really are up to you. We can give you all the tools and strategies to build, but if you don’t COMMIT to doing the work, you won’t get results.

If you’re resistant to building your relationship online. If you hate the internet, apps and social media. This is going to be hard for you.

If you’re not open to other's thoughts or new ways of doing things.

If you think an UNSHAKEABLE RELATIONSHIP is only for other couples.