The Truth is you have a DESIRE that deserves MOMENTUM . . . NOW!

Do you want to BREATHE LIFE INTO YOUR DESIRE ... in 90 DAYS? 

We can help you GET TO YOUR FINISH LINE and beyond!

Do you DESIRE MOMENTUM in a Physical, Mental, Emotional, Relational or Spiritual area of your Life?

Are you ready to lose that weight, write that book, declutter that space, take that adventure, make that move, run that race, start that business, change that lifestyle or begin that skill?

You have held onto that DESIRE for a long time, NOW IS THE TIME to take the 5 steps towards MOMENTUM.

In this MOMENTUM CHALLENGE 90-Day program you will receive:

  •  Specific CONTENT (about 15 min. each week) that will provide the best information for your success
  • Interactive COMMUNITY to support the dynamic formation of your progress and success. (Optional weekly online gatherings)
  •  Engaging COACHING with Dan or Suzie Potter, who will help you grow your transformation as you live Fully Alive as a person of MOMENTUM.

Pricing options

Choose from ONE PAYMENT of $87 or 3 payments of $30 USD

NO  The first step towards momentum is to admit you are STUCK with NO MOMENTUM. Here you have a DESIRE, but NO MOVEMENT. You want to make changes in your life, but nothing has happened yet.

KNOW  Step 2 is where you KNOW or possess the correct information to breathe life into your desire. Your thoughts and feelings are activated with a plan.  

SLOW  The next step is a SLOW one. You take the first action step. SLOW is a good pace as you get started and move from KNOW to GO. You are having MOMENTUM in the direction of your DESIRE.  

GO  Step 4 is a beautiful place, because you have forward momentum. You are establishing your new rhythms and experiencing progress, but you still must stay focused  on the finish line of reaching your desire.

FLOW  This is a Lifestyle Step. You realize that true satisfaction and enjoyment is not across a finish line, but instead in every wave your Fully Alive FLOW. Your new habits become you and you feel a sense of identity and well being as you move forward.   

The MOMENTUM CHALLENGE 90 Program will enable your to KNOW what it takes to get and keep going, It will support your from SLOW to GO and with coaching by Dan & Suzie and the encouragement & accountability of the Fully Alive Revolution community you will be able to experience your DESIRE FLOW in and around your Life.