What will our AMAZING MONDAY Live Gatherings look like?

We meet every MONDAY @ 10am, 2pm, & 7pm EST (or you can watch the REPLAYS on your own time)


    Our "CONNECT" time (the first 10 minutes), will allow you to shift your mindset from wherever you were to prepare you for


    The "CONTENT" of the day, this will include one of the 6 parts of "Living with COURAGEOUS IMAGINATION". This is the TRAINING by Dan & Suzie Potter ... DUZIE


    The "COACHING" time will include "shotgun" with a volunteer, someone allowing us to learn with them as we process & focus.


Dan & Suzie + our NEST (small group) Leaders

  • NEST

    The "NEST" (small group) time with our amazing EAGLES will be our last part of AMAZING MONDAY journey together. Stay as long or short in your NEST as you desire. This is the time to Process & make personal Progress with a small group focused on you.

  • Q & A

    Dan & Suzie Potter love to engage with you and answer any questions you have at any time. You can also interact with others in our community through our connection in DISCORD (our community space where amazing follow up discussions continue)!

Here you can join "Living with COURAGEOUS IMAGINATION" Course

Join the FULLY ALIVE REVOLUTION Membership for $30 USD / a month for all current courses (including this one). Contact DUZIE: [email protected] :for more info.