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for COUPLES . . . thoughts from DUZIE

Dan & Suzie Potter (also known as DUZIE) know you are the kind of COUPLE who want to LIVE FULLY ALIVE.  In order to live that way, you need to know your CORE MOTIVATIONS, understand your STRESS STRATEGIES, and discover GROWTH STRATEGIES for yourself & as a COUPLE.  

The problem is that LifeQuakes: unknown, unexpected shifts from inside or out that suddenly shake one's life connections often with serious aftershocks, cause a COUPLE to:

  • mis-understand
  • mis-communicate
  • mis-align

which makes you feel DISCONNECTED, making it easy to shut down.

We believe that every COUPLE can have HEALTHY CONNECTION STRATEGIES even in the midst of our normal LifeQuakes.

This season in our world of isolation has caused us to disconnect.  When Suzie got Covid in January, we had 15 days of physical disconnection (we aren't normally apart), which led us to create the 30 day INTENTIONAL CONNECTION challenge.  As we daily reconnected intentionally, we found ourselves learning our CORE MOTIVATIONS, helping each other conquer STRESS in the unique way needed, and supported the GROWTH & HEALTH for ourselves individually & as a COUPLE.  

That's why we created this HEALTHY CONNECTION STRATEGIES course with the ENNEAGRAM tool to help others also!

1.  Here's how it works: JOIN in 1 of 2 ways  (you will have the same course experience):  

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2. Watch the weekly core training where you will experience the 7 CONNECTION STRATEGIES (one per week):

    1. COMMIT to know yourself
    2. OBSERVE who & how they are
    3. NAVIGATE where your wings take you
    4. NURTURE your growth path
    5. EMBRACE your stress path
    6. CHERISH your unique diversity
    7. THRIVE in your connection ... everyday!

3.  Join the weekly interactive GROUP COACHING EXPERIENCE where Dan & Suzie guide you through the strategy of the week, hear your process, and answer any questions you have. We meet LIVE 2x every MONDAY (3:30pm EST & 7pm EST).  If you are unable to attend this LIVE zoom gathering, a replay will be available in the course site. 

This will allow you to STOP the mis-understanding, mis-communication & mis-alignment in your relationship and START growing your ME + YOU + US FLOW ... to LIVE FULLY ALIVE ... everyday.


Join in 1 of 2 ways: